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The idea: Weighing, counting and processing data: "the easy way"

Do you want to store weighing data digitally easily and securely? You want your users to be supported in their weighing processes? Do you want to reduce or avoid measurement errors and process errors? Then expand your scales with the appropriate function from the KERN EasyTouch software. Regardless of whether it is for complex recipes, for precise quantities or for quick and effective portioning - KERN EasyTouch always has the right function. Faster work, more convenient data storage and higher process reliability are your benefits with KERN EasyTouch - the easy way.


How can weighing results be integrated into the process?

How can weighing results be integrated into the process? Quite simply: by connecting the balance and weighing results with your existing systems. We have put our minds to it, worked meticulously and found solutions which will simplify your business and provide the right functions for (almost) every Use Case. In this way a simple balance becomes a highly-complex measuring device.

And that is how it works:


  • A compatible KERN scale is connected to an external laptop/tablet​
  • The performance of the scale is transmitted 1:1 to the end device​
  • By expanding the user interface, easier control and use of the data
  • The data is integrated directly into the process and can therefore be used and stored​​
  • Errors in the process or in the application are prevented

Overview of all EasyTouch products

The KERN EasyTouch operating system with all basic functions: 

  • Weigh
  • Total (REZ A)
  • Target dosing
  • Percent weighing

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  • simple, graphics-supported density determination of solids and liquids
  • direct calculation and output of density

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Calculation of the average weight over a specified period of time - ideal for animal weighing and weighing in turbulent environmental conditions

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  • Grouping of objects into weight classes
  • free naming of classes
  • Batch management with ID numbering
  • Master data management

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  • Free conversion function into freely definable units
  • Master data management of items
  • Batch management with ID numbering

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  • negative weighing (picking) from a source container
  • optical/acoustic support of the removal process
  • Display in weight or piece
  • statistical evaluations
  • Master data management of items
  • Batch management with ID numbering

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Enables saving of the collected weighing data in shared folders or in the server workspace 

(Includes basic set up of the set with up to 3 hours of labor. Any additional work will be charged separately.)

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  • Periodic Calibration Function
  • Warning and shutdown function
  • Monitoring of the minimum weight
  • Management verification or calibration of test weights and scales

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Individual and personalized generation, editing and saving of print forms - simply by drag and drop

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Weighing and statistical evaluation of batches and production lots

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Perfect for use in the food industry, among others, for weighing in accordance with pre-packaging regulations

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  • User, recipe and component management
  • Target dosing
  • Multiplier function for large containers
  • Recipe adjustment and recipe pause function
  • Basic batch management
  • expression

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  • Monitoring function e.g. B. for monitoring the growth of biological cell cultures
  • auto Calculation of weight differences
  • Graphic display and saving of growth history
  • automatic sample pan recognition by barcode

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Service for setting up and configuring:

  • Interfaces (e.g. to merchandise management, ERP or PPS)
  • Import of master data
  • Individual customer requirements

This service can be booked on request.

  • Master data management of items and their tolerances
  • Enter the tolerance numerically or as a percentage based on the target weight or the limit values
  • The weighing process is supported acoustically and with a colored bargraph
  • Batch management with ID numbering

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  • Master data management of articles with name in plain text
  • ID number
  • Reference weight and tare weight
  • with quick count function
  • Batch management with ID numbering
  • compatible with counting systems

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  • Fill-to-target function: target quantity or target weight programmable
  • Enter the tolerance numerically or as a percentage by target weight or limit values
  • Master data management of items
  • Reference weight and tare weight
  • Batch management with ID numbering

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Picking parts lists – quickly, easily and error-free

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Greater efficiency through short workflows for the user

Greater security of the measuring results

To avoid measuring and process errors

Tamper-proof storage of your weighing data

Central data storage and data security

Interfaces to ERP, PPS, etc. systems


Download the app for Android and Windows here:​

For Android

For Windows

  1. Load the basic app from the app store: The KERN EasyTouch app already contains many helpful functions.​

  2. Connect a compatible device via one of the interfaces (BT, WLAN, LAN, USB RS232).

  3. Basic package free of charge and non-binding for 180 days test: Decide whether to continue using the app and individual functions after a maximum of 180 days. Without any data loss.​​

  4. Alternatively, you can download the installation file here.

Compatible KERN scale models / series

Other KERN models and series are equipped with EasyTouch compatibility.


¹ Working with calibration: With models in this scale series with valid calibration and measured value storage, weighing data from regulated applications can be stored and archived in EasyTouch in accordance with standards. This standards-compliant data storage also applies to SaveServer.

We're here to help!

Do you have a use case that is not mentioned here, or are you missing a function that you could use urgently? Contact us. Together we will find solutions that support you in your processes and in your process reliability.


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